Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Baseball Begins

I know this pic is a bit strange but stick with me.
One of my earliest and fondest memories
of Joe when we were just "friends" is him in the little
grey house after work, the sun shining and the smell of fresh cut grass. He is sitting in an old beat up recliner chair, reading a book, smoking a cigarette and listening to baseball on the radio. When he sees my face he smiles like I have just made his whole day and in turn he has made mine.


Watson Family said...

How is it that I tear up at this!! (I'm blaming it on hormones) True love is so evident between you two!! I can totally visualize the whole scene!

Carla said...

Jess, its becuase you remember how they were at that time. So sweet and innocent(or not) and we got to watch a real love story unfold. It was a lot different than how you and I found out mates you know!