Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday night after crappy sleep, and a day of work.
Yummy turkey from mom making the house all cozy, movies, Wes asleep after some major
fussiness- him chewing on everything, including me and getting in trouble. The house quiet, the beginning of a long weekend that is low on plans.
Good news at Seattle cancer care, clear tests after 2 years with baby and breastfeeding.
7 year old being the DJ in the kitchen while i cook dinner, making her brother laugh and dance.
Notes that say "I love you" waiting in my car for me, coffee with half and half.
So amazing really.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


What we got planted tonight in addition to getting the pumpkins and squash plants in the ground!

Abs in the light

Our art project for the evening, all the markers ready for planting veggies, so exciting!!!

Abs showing Jakob something- isn't he soo cute?

Abs and Jakob inspecting their holes from shooting the bb gun.

Mark and Joe with their littlests.

Abs, Jakob and Sarah- we had such a good visit with the Watson's- thanks for making the trip, for the laughs and the time. Love ya!

Some Recents

Wessy in one of his favorite spots- in front of the window watching the dogs and generally willing the door to open so he can go out in his beloved "outside."

Abs organizing her bookshelf- was getting to the point that we were nervous about Wes being by it as he might be totally covered with books should said pile fall.

In the kitchen

Wes and I in the camper. :)

Monday, May 17, 2010


So.... i'm typing on the laptop that has been MIA for a few months due to some wireless network security problem that i couldn't figure out. Today one call to olypen and problem fixed in seriously less than 1 minute..... and i've been dreading dealing with it knowing how much time on the phone this was going to take. I love it when THAT kind of prediction is wrong. Lesson: ok to ask for help and not try to figure it out by yourself.... what????

Joe said this morning, I can't believe its May 17th already, what is happening?
Time is marching, marching right on whether we like it or not. There has been a lot going on, tons of working for Joe, a new lawnmower and a renewed vigor for mowing this crazy spring grass, trips to magical kinkaid island, on-call weekends, putting my sweet horse Sage down, weekend visitors, complicated work situations taking so much mental energy, dinners with good friends and finally this weekend a trip to the beach in the motor home. Feels like we've been wanting/trying to get camping for a month.

At the beach... kids screaming, laughing, boogie boarding, surfing, burying in mud, lotioning and wetsuiting, tidepooling, fallng, hiking, barefooting, night beaching, calvadosing, stargazing, sunseting, eating, cooking, napping, laughing more, knowing, loving and a bit of missing.

My word for this post is Intention. When so many things are unknown in this life, why things happen the way they do... all we can control is ourselves (most days) and how we chose to be and to see. My goal is to have more intention, to really be where i am, not 2 steps ahead. To live each day and at the end know that it has been enough. I'm holding you up auntie RoJean and thinking about you, sending so much love your way.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

a better day

Today i got to run 6 miles in the sunshine with Cass.
Wes slept for almost 2 hrs so was actually able to get some things done and even have some quiet time for me.
Abby has lately been trying to perfect farting with her hand in her armpit- i never remember wanting to perfect this but whatever.. she is her own girl. So on the way home from school she is armpit farting, cracking up, and making Wes belly laugh. The kind of laugh that when you hear you have to laugh, too. aahhhhh. :) Really 9 month old boys even think farting is funny?