Monday, November 30, 2009


One happy going to Disney World girl!

Anth and Liam doing piggy backs

The speedway at disney

On the train to Toontown

Abs and Joe going off the little water slide together

Wes's first swim with his Papa

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sutherland, birthday, Leaving and Travel

Sutherland- Our annual trip with the work crew to the lake was sooo nice and full of adventure. No power when we arrived, luckily Cindy had been there so the basement was all warm with the wood stove, candles dispersed throughout the whole house. We all snugged up, ate food, laughed and laughed. Thanks girls, you are so awesome. Wes got to come and be the only boy- he was fantastic and hasn't told a word about it!! :) ha-ha.

33 years- i got home from the lake to a table full of flowers and some sweet presents from Abs and Joe.

Leaving- Our good friends Tess and Dave left for New Zealand. We've been up at the house as much as we could before doing whatever we could to help or just be there. The last party in the barn and a fire true Kirner style, very big. We will miss all the kids running around the house, doing acrobatics on the chin up bar, using the big blue coccoon, and of course all the great food and company. We will miss you like crazy...... hopefully we'll see you in the airport in Aukland!!! sometime in the next 5 years.

Travel- After a semi-scary drive to seattle that involved a lot of rain and hydroplaning we made it to the hotel and the airport in the morning on our way to Orlando, Florida for a week of sun, swimming, family and fun.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Tub in the sink time!!

We won't talk about why he was holding his head up so well... (Kung Fu Panda)

Halloween 09

Abby and her friend Rae- downtown trick or treating. She is a hornet- last minute change from a cheerleader (her idea Not mine.)

Getting out the guts!!

Wes and his first pumpkin

Our home grown pumpkins all carved and lit up.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

These Days

I'm feeling the lack of light these days, somehow its hard to get warm.
We bought a "happy light" yesterday, wonder if that will help.
I'm feeling a lack of exercise, somehow i haven't figured out how to fit it in.
Most of all I think the lack of sleep does things to your head.
Had pizza last night which i know gives Wes a belly ache but hadn't had it for awhile so thought i'd try to see if it was better.
NOPE- every hour. It especially sucks to not sleep when you know its your fault!
Today- i am going outside.....