Monday, March 24, 2008

(One) of the Dreaded Questions...

So there are those times as a parent that you don't totally have a plan for.

A: Momma, is the Easter bunny real?

I looked into her blue eyes only a foot from mine, didn't say anything for a minute, she is looking at me all matter of fact, I saw her when she is 12...16.. and 22 years old, strong and questioning.

Me: I said, No Abby the Easter bunny isn't real. (Blammo)

A: Well, then why did I get an Easter basket today? Is he invisible or something? with a smile/smirk.

Me: yes, definitely invisible Abby.

She was happy with that and so was I.

1 comment:

Watson Family said...

Good Job Mom!
I do not look forward to this time in parenting at all!
I already get crazy questions about the body - Jakob is a bit advanced in that department - not by our doing!!