Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bad to Good

Wow, today was one of those days when at some point you seriously consider crawling back into your bed and starting over. I started out grumpy and tried to get myself out of it by having coffee on the porch in the sunshine and even read the paper. It sort of worked, although I still felt a little sad. That was the end of the good for awhile. My car has been a thorn in our side for the last little while and today proved no different. The dealership that was doing the work informed me that the repair work would actually be 250$ more than the inital quote after taking three weeks to get the parts we needed. Needless to say I was a bit frustrated on the phone, twice Abs trying to talk to me and tell me essential info like, " Momma, I have to go pee!" The second interruption I actually put my arm out and pushed her back from me a little and told her I couldn't talk to her in a totally grouchy mom voice. Really, I am trying to hold it together and not either yell or cry on the phone to the car repair receptionist. So we get the car deal done and after the call I can actually cry now because damn it, I just need to today. Abby comes in, notices that I've been crying and quietly asks the following....

Abs: Momma, why did you push me back earlier?

Me: OMG(guilt), 'Abby I was frustrated that you were trying to talk to me while I was on the phone, and I was frustrated with the person on the phone, too.

Abs: Well, what is a different way you could have told me that instead of pushing?- really she did say this. My mouth drops but am smiling at the same time.

Me: Not good when they start using your own lines on you. ' Well, I could have said Abby, I can't talk to you right now, I can when I'm off the phone. I apologize, it wasn't the right thing to do.'

Abs: Its ok momma, I love you.

So that is all over and I go to start a fire because now it is pouring down rain. I strike the match on the side of the strike anywhere matches(apparently this means anywhere but the actual box) that is mounted to the wall above the woodstove. The match proceeds to break off while lit and fall down into the whole box of matches. Holy shit, flames and I just take the deepest breath I could and blow it out while smoke billows out of it. When I can see the box through the smoke, half the box is burnt the other not ignited at all. Disaster averted, house still standing. Alright, so this is when I'm thinking of going back to bed.
Hmmm. maybe we'll make popcorn, have hot chocolate and watch a movie.
Wendy proceeds to forget about the popcorn in the microwave and happen to look up as smoke is now billowing out of the f'ing microwave. Seriously, WTF. Now Abby is in the other room whimpering that she doesn't like this day at all, that it is a total fire day and she is not happy with it. The house now smells of a mixture of sulfer from the matches and burnt popcorn- really bad in other words. All the windows get opened and we are now even colder. We do make popcorn again, i don't leave the microwave at all this time, make hot cocoa and we watch whale rider and cry some more because it is a great movie. By now Joe is home and things are getting much better. We bail on ballet for tonight because abby is too tired and I'm thankful not to have to do anything else. We finish the movie, have dinner of homemade chicken noodle soup and I get to go run. I didn't start until 6:45 so I ran the whole way in that nice evening light when all the colors are vibrant, fields just mowed, and the bluest water ever. The end of the run I am feeling relaxed and great. I come home to Abs and Joe doing art and then we watch a. idol.
ahahah, a nice end to an intense day.

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mommy of three said...

hey wen, sounds like a very intense, but cool day. Abs is growing up and isn't it cool that she can keep her calm and bring a smile to your face in your worst mommy moment? good thing for the run, I also love that part of night. Good thing that tomorrow is thursday....:)