Thursday, April 17, 2008


It is with candle light and Jeff Buckley that I start to post tonight. Every part of today was nice and tonight I feel so relaxed and complete. When I picked up Abs from school today it was sunny but still a little cool. She didn't want to go to school today because we didn't have time to go throught the "big clothes" a bag of hand me downs that don't fit yet. So, today we got home and straight away dove into a fashion show of pants, shirts and shorts with the music going. I just sat with her and watched instead of trying to do three things at once while also watching. We laughed, sang, and sorted clothes those that fit and don't. Our daughter is getting big you guys. At times I look at her and she is a girl, not a little girl any more. Then we went through photo albums of my pregnancy, her birth, and pictures of her when she was little. There is so much of me that loves this time of my life feeling like I have freedom to do things for myself and others, not having a little baby that takes every ounce of your energy. But today so much of me wanted to feel the weight of a sleeping baby on my chest, a baby that only wants the smell and feel of me. That time is so short and sweet. I think Abby would be such a good big sister, she is always asking lately when we are going to have a brother or a sister, she would prefer a boy she says, hmmmm.

Favs for today. * A clean house * The porch * Protection island in the sun * Us three in my kitchen * The best squash pie EVER * Burts Bees * Skirt over jeans * photos * treadmill and Brandi Carlile * Abby and Joe's happy faces at the swimming pool and the feel of water all around me * Caffeine free Christmas Eve tea, yummmm. Goodnight, and dream sweet.


mommy of three said...

sounds like a pretty perfect day!
I second the best squash pie ever.

Wendy said...

Hey Mommy of three, nice to hear you on here! Yesterday was super fun, thanks for coming over.