Sunday, April 13, 2008

What a Weekend!

Abby super excited to go for an overnight at her Uncle Anth & Aunt Jenny's. She was such a big girl, first overnight at their house and she was totally fine!

Finally we got to Han in Tic Tac!

Loving Seattle, impromptu drumming and dancing at the pier in 80 degree weather, eating brie and crackers.

Such a feast for the eyes, the lovely Pike Place Market

Waiting for the Southworth ferry heading home.


Jill said...

Sorry I missed your call! Next time come visit US. Isn't Seattle amazing and we LIVE here :)
So cool. I never stop loving it.

Sara and David said...

We're leaving for Sequim tonight. Your pictures are making me so excited! We've been telling Lanie about the ocean and the ferry for weeks now. I can't wait.

Wendy said...

Wa-hoo Sara. Drive safe. We got the invite to your mom's for this weekend. I'm on call so won't know if we can get there until that day but really want to see you!