Wednesday, February 4, 2015

12 years

Tomorrow she is 12.
Hard to believe 12 years ago she came here to be with us, to teach us about her, about life, and about ourselves.
Hard to believe that SO MUCH can happen in 12 short years.... what of the next 12?
My affirmations to the universe..........
May she handle the next 12 with as much piss, vinegar and zest for life that she has the first 12.
May she never stop being as game for whatever comes her way.
May she continue to grow spiritually and realize the power she has within her to become and manifest what she wants her life to be like.
May she keep working hard at everything she does.
May she get through these next few years of finding herself and separating from us in a way that doesn't hurt herself or us too much.  (mostly her dear Papa...)
May we all continue to learn from each other and grow to get to where we are meant to arrive.


Vitamin D like they are candy......