Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Few

Mt. Baker

Abby as Hermione for StoryBook character at her school. So sweet and she's almost done reading the 2nd book! So fun.

The sun, the yard, the grass, and the garden.

Cherrie trees in full

Oh the evening light. Lovely.

A Sunny Day- finally

An afternoon on the boat, Wes's first sail being able to walk around. It was a bit nerve racking but he did pretty good. He wanted to drive the boat of course!

Taking a break, really does it get any easier than this. Rigorous chore regime starting soon so he doesn't get accustomed to this sort of life, right? ha. maybe we can wait a few more months. :)

Abby the sailor

Momma and Wes, this pic is an attempt to show my new nose ring but you can barely see it. A trip to Seattle with the girls, Capitol Hill and the Laughing Buddha produced this, LOVE IT!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day at La Push

I woke up on Mothers Day to the waves breaking, the sun shining, breakfast made in the camper by Joe, some surfing (not by me yet), kids laughing and screaming, and a grey whale breaching straight up into the air maybe 4 times. I was so excited i was seriously yelling to complete strangers to watch for the whale. From the neighbor campers who come every mothers day, they say that the whales always show themselves for mothers day. She was beautiful. I'm sure it was a female giving a shout out to all us mama's on the beach. Love. Love. Love.

Abigail 8 yrs. climbing as usual on all the driftwood at la push. I overhear her telling another girl how to climb up, her asking, "well, have you ever climbed trees before, its just like that." We got to camp by some people with kids her age so she was in play heaven, making fairy houses in the woods, climbing and riding bikes around.

Wessy at 21 months. His favorite thing to do is poke his hands in the sand and get a fist full of those tiny little rocks and put it right on his head, or yours if you're close. That belly laugh though is worth all that sand in your hair.

Thanks my babies for making me a momma.