Tuesday, April 8, 2008

On a card I got from a good buddy of mine: A quote from Maya Angelou. "Only equals can be friends." Abs wanted me to read the whole card inside and out then came the questions....

A: Momma, what does equals mean?

me: hmm, trying to make the definition in this context make sense to a 5 year old. I fumble around searching for the right word, not finding it.

A: Does it mean like the same?

me: Yeah, it does Ab.

A: So you can only be friends if you are the same?

me: Well, no, not in the physical way like how you look or your age, but maybe in how you see things, like this world and the people in it.

A: Oh, I see.

I wonder what the questions will be like when she is 10? This parenthood deal is such a ride!

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