Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Thanks Carla for the idea... Your turn Jess! and anyone else who feels so inclined...

Outside my Window... the grass is mowed and i hear the sprinkler going. Thanks to the all the boys- you are awesome!!

I am Thinking... about how happy I am that I don't have much work left to do but that I'm going to miss my work buddies.

I am Thankful for... staying home longer with this baby, that I won't be leaving a 10 week old baby with someone else while I go take care of other babies.. For my midwife, my family and my friends.

From the Kitchen... Sunny farms pizza and watermelon. Not too exciting these days...

I am Wearing... My favorite Costco sweats, a hoody, and slippers.

I am Creating... A healthy baby and some baby blankets. :)

I am Going... the first thing that came to mind was crazy but only for short moments, other times I feel just fine.

I am Reading... Spiritual Midwifery but would love some good fiction suggestions.

I am Hoping... That Kristy calls me tonight to tell me to come over because she is having a baby!!
I am Hearing... The fish tank water and stillness.

Around the House... all I can see is work to do..

One of my Favorite Things... watching Abby lead the horses around the pasture by herself, she is talking to them, the sun going down, and that lovely evening light.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week... Hopefully being present at a birth, finishing up work duties and trying to chill out...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Papa Day!

Abby took this pic of Joe. I love it, his eyes are so sweet. Happy Fathers' Day Joe we love you so much.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Alex and Jerry are finally here for the summer- Horray!!

Abby has been asking when they are going to get here for months. She is soo thrilled and they are great with her, putting up with her teasing and being a bit crazy.

Alex jumping off the log at Kinkaid- pretty cold water but in the usual Schroeder' fashion no one seems to mind.

Jerry jumping. I think there is talk of going to the punch bowl at lake cresent for the real jumping. I think the highest you can get there to jump off is 40 ft!!


At the end of a really busy, stressful week, it was heavenly to be at Kinkaid in the quiet woods.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Another ultrasound for low amniotic fluid. Today the fluid looks great and the baby is head down again! Hopefully now he/she stays there. I think i referred to this peanut as a stinker today for all the up and down. I also made an exit plan for work that involves being done after a few days next week and feel relieved for sure.
We got to listen as Abby led her own end of the year conference for Joe and I - showed us all her favorite art and her "portfolio" of work for the whole year, so so impressed on how much she learned and grew in such a short time. To the buzz for some ice cream and then some girl time tonight for a "circle of stones" ceremony for summer solstice.
Happy summer everyone, only a few days away...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Breech o Breech

Today an ultrasound to check for growth post influenza.
I got to see the baby's hands, thigh bone, all the chambers of the heart,
baby was doing "practice breathing" the diaphram going up and down.
The baby's head is back up in my ribs however, changed since tuesday. This baby
is a mover for sure, not crazy, not violent thrashing around, just lots of moving.
The midwife says to have Joe talk to the baby and tell him/her to turn around, to play
music down by my pelvis- that baby's will follow it.
I feel like my body is telling me to slow down, my feet hurt and my back is so tired.
Work was heavy today, a baby not ok, crash c-sections, and lots of homevisits and I am
seriously wiped. Wondering if i can make it physically and emotionally through 5 more weeks
of work. Its gnarly for me to admit that maybe i can't do something, to feel like I'm letting my co-workers down if i leave early or don't work as much up until the end. I am learning all sorts of stuff about myself this pregnancy some stuff that i like, some that i don't. Carol, my midwife says that there are no better teachers than our children for us, this baby is starting already and we haven't even met

Last weekend we had a blessing, a few close friends, great food, some henna, lots of laughing, some tears, and a feeling of undeniable support and love for me and the baby.
It is amazing to hear verbalized what you feel from people around you- what they think of you, how much they love and what it is they appreciate about you. Intense to just sit and take it all in but so so amazing to feel it.