Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

Money in the Year of the Ox

2009 promises to be a time of financial restraint, too. The Earth element places great emphasis on the material plane. Saving will be more important than spending. Everyone will be tightening their belts -- even those who are flush with cash. Businesses that work to keep their clients, present materials in a timely manner and provide excellent customer service will survive, while companies that take an indifferent approach to their clientele will fall to ruin. There's no room for slackers in an Ox year, especially as far as commerce is concerned. Practical tradesmen like plumbers, electricians, carpenters and mechanics may do especially well this year, because the Earth Ox prizes foundations. Anyone involved in strengthening and improving foundations is sure to profit in 2009. Teachers, engineers, farmers, nurses, dentists, doctors, politicians and technicians are also in for a good year, as the Earth Ox favors long-term investments in people and structures. Creative professionals may have a lean year in 2009. Actors, journalists, writers, models and dancers will have to work extra hard to find jobs, as such work seems superfluous to the ultra-practical Earth Ox. Home improvement projects are highly favored this year. If you don't have the funds to hire a professional, try tackling jobs yourself. You can accomplish miracles with the help of how-to books. Earth Ox years are wonderful for acquiring hands-on skills.

Love in the Year of the Ox

With regard to romance, the Year of the Earth Ox is time to get serious. The Ox doesn't favor careless flings -- remember, this animal favors work over play. In fact, playing fast and loose with somebody's heart could get in you in deep trouble. This is a fabulous year to get engaged or married, provided you're with someone you love. If you're not ready to make a commitment to a casual love interest, you're better off breaking up. Hold out for real thing -- a relationship that will withstand poverty, illness and any other challenges that lie ahead. Fashions will be more subdued this year; darker colors, durable fabrics and sturdy shoes will be the norm. This will be in keeping with the somber, serious energy of the Earth Ox. As far as travel is concerned, opt for beautiful nature spots as opposed to crowded urban areas. Being in the presence of trees, mountains and lakes can be tremendously relaxing in 2009. Remember, the Ox is a grazing animal, and fares best in wide, open spaces. Oxen place great emphasis on authority and tradition. Therefore, 2009 will lay an especially heavy burden on world leaders. Government officials, CEOs and community organizers will be expected to correct society's ills. If they slack off, they'll be thrown by the wayside. Substance is always favored over style in the Year of the Ox.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Just a Few More

Waiting for the train to take off

King St. Station

King St. getting its makeover

Edmonds ferry coming

Going to be beautiful when its finished.

A Train Ride to Portland

Abs and Joe walking up the long walkway to the Edmonds ferry. Abby was excited to finally go in there always seeing it from the car as we drive on. We only had to drive a total of 2 hrs. in a whole weekend trip to Portland, pretty cool.

Joe and Sarah reading a few books. She immediately loved Joe, always wanting him to pick her up and even giving him smooches. :)

Me and Jess, finally a weekend to catch up a little. Was great seeing you honey.

Abs and Joe in front of our train taking us back to Seattle. Was very relaxing and pretty effecient trip all in all going via train until the end when we had to stay in the King Street Station for 2 hrs. waiting to change trains to just go 25 min. to Edmonds, ughghgh.

Passing some time.

Sweet Sarah- Happy 1st birthday honey, was so glad we could come celebrate with you.

Jakob and Abs in the Eagle Nest at OMSI.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Coming Soon.....

Pics from our awesome trip on the train to Portland.
Having serious tech difficulties tonight and its just too late for me to try anymore.
But soon there will be photos!
Was so nice to be hanging out with Jess and Mark in Portland. Abs and Jakob playing like crazy and meeting sweet Sarah. Was a quick weekend as they always are but totally full of talking, laughing and just hanging out. Missed you Procks- although it seemed you sent your weather in lieu of yourselves as it was seriously freezing.
Hope we can all hang out sometime soon.

Monday, January 19, 2009


You had to go back to work today after a month of healing your knee.
At first apprehensive of the coming month- would we drive each other crazy?
It flew by as you healed, rode the exercise bike and did your exercises, took care of the animals, got to drive Abs to school and pick her up, even spending half a day with her- all the other kids clamoring for Abby's papa's attention. Abs getting to do all the jobs that day to show you.
Seems like we laughed more together in the last month than we have in the last year, you just being here and around. Your voice was so sweet on the phone asking if there is time to meet for coffee in town before work and meeting me for lunch in PA.
Your hurt knee was a gift, a month of time for just us.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Travelling We Go....

The Time Between
By Jan Jones

Treasure it, the time spent travelling

This time between roles

The time between

Slipping from one existence into another

A spider strand of no-man’s-land

The time between

You’re no-one here

Invisible, unfettered

Not pressured

Treasure it, this time spent travelling

This time between arenas

This time between.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


For all of you...... you are so important.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


We just got finished Skyping my brother Anthony in Fresno.
We got to hear and see Luke tell us all about his birthday cupcakes, his new bike and see him doing some tricks. We got to see Liam's sweet face and his new haircut.
We saw my mom and dad, Anth and Jenny all smiling two states away.
For as many negative things technology has brought THIS is amazing and such a treasure.
We love and miss you guys so much.

Laundry and Sun

So I knew I had some laundry to do, it has been a busy week. Instead of a load a day which would be organized, smart and not overwhelming, I tend to wait until I have a day's worth of washing and folding. Anyway.... so I take the last towel out of the drawer and oh my gosh, it is one that was dried on the line this summer, it smelled like heaven, sun and bright light. Made the day of washing worth it. Its been cold for weeks now and i find myself thinking of plants, sun, being warm, and summer. At least the sun is getting closer to hitting the house and the days are getting longer now.

Super Girl

We love you so much Osh, Jeff, Chelsea and Ethan. Thank you so much for the sweet presents.

What Asha said about abby's gift.

"I hope abby got her cape soon - it is my small way of telling her how magnificent i think she is and protecting her with a super cape."

How lucky she is to have such an awesome auntie!
The cape has been on a lot since she opened it. Today she even wore it under her coat to the co-op!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!

The 4th annual Matthew Schroeder memorial polar bear dip this year was met with snow on the windshield on the way down to the beach and for the first time a 2nd brave participant, Joe's good friend Bill. You are so awesome Bill for going, for always being game for the zaniness.