Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Little Wes is 2

Today is the end of your day sweet boy. I can't believe you are 2 at the same time it seems as if we've always had you. It took such a long time for you to finally get here and i don't mean the birth, although that did take a long time, too. I mean the time between your sister and you. We went through alot in those six years, not knowing if you would ever be. I wondered if we should get pregnant you guys being so far apart and also with the cancer if it was a good idea to go through the hormone storm- the oncologists said no. But in the back of my head or in the very middle of me I knew you were there, just waiting around until the time was right. I didn't know if you would be a boy or girl, didn't much care, but i knew you were. I thank all the support I have around me for helping me be brave and not scared of getting pregnant and going forward with life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
And now for what you are like at 2. Wessy you are loud just like your sissy was and still is. You love being outside, clothes or no, playing in the dirt with your cars, tractors, or trucks, talking to the dogs and throwing their sticks, going out to see "hi" or Grandma. You are the most in love with Tractors right now and your sister. Poor Abs can't get very far away from you and you are saying her name over and over until you see her. You of course want everything she has and her room- we are working on boundaries we all can live with. Sometimes you listen about touching her things and are gentle and other times you just want to throw everything around and crash things together to see if they break. You are so lovey, snuggy, and huggable. You are getting close to potty training but not quite there yet. You are still sensitive to dairy food but we are finding some things you can tolerate, hoping that you grow out of that. You pull all the tires off of almost every little tractor or truck you have. Often i still find you with your head on the floor, a tractor in your hand, your knees tucked up under you making that noise as you watch the tractor tires moving along the carpet. You still like to go on walks in the stroller and we just changed your bed to a real bed on the floor, away with the crib. Sleeping is still a challenge for sure. There are a thousand more things but this momma is so tired. You are growing up sweet boy and we love you to the moon and back. Thanks for being our littlest.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Few

Bathing in the sink- yeah summer dirt!

The newest addition to the yard!

Abby's aunt Jenny sent this to her from Germany. How to Train your Dragon mania! She didn't take it off for 3 days.