Wednesday, April 29, 2009

28 weeks

I have that feeling that everything is pushing up into my ribs, that its not that comfortable to eat and hard to breathe sometimes. I have a ways to go, great.....
Today I keep thinking about the baby room, what to do or not.
The other day couldn't get the labor part out of my head.
Even though we're all really busy its like my subconscious is working, working.. on baby stuff.
I've started on the every 2 week schedule seeing the midwife and Abby finally got brave and came with us- she liked it. She keeps announcing, 12 more weeks!
When Luke sees me he smiles and says "Hi auntie, you still have a baby in there. Take it out( which means lift up your shirt so he can see my tummy), then he giggles and says "no baby yet." Like he thinks i'm hiding it or something. :)
Talked to my friend who is just adjusting to 2 and listened to how hard it can be, all the feelings towards the big kid and for the littlest.
I keep thinking of how good the baby will smell and how they feel on you after they have a belly full of milk, aahhhh..... so sweet I can hardly wait.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Today was sunny.
I got to take Luke and Liam up to Kirners' for some play time and snacks, the kids had fun.
After playing we went back to Mom and Dad's for nap time, as I was leaving in Luke's cute little rough boy voice, "Auntie Wendy, I love you." My heart melted, serious putty.
Tonight 4 cousins played baseball in the sun with an eagle in the nearest tree watching the whole thing, ending with Jake, Luke, Liam and Abby all wrestling on the floor with my dad. Tons of laughing, screaming and giggling- some of that from my dad. :)
And finally Joe home after 5 days in Seattle, a training for work. We are soooo glad to have him home.
Happy Thursday!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Morning. :)

After having a sick day- both of us at home coughing and drinking orange juice. It was time for some outside in the evening sunshine.

Turning over a few rocks to check on the crabs.

Abby periodically gets the camera and does her own photo shooting. Its always interesting what catches her eye to film. This is one of her pictures. Her cousin Jake made this a few years ago during Martin Luther King Jr. week, he is talking about Abby and Angelina. So sweet.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Veggies and Water

We got to see our midwife today. It felt really good there. There were new sweet babies in the living room getting help with breastfeeding while we did our appointment in the clinic space. She made us try her mega water from her new machine and wants me to come fill up gallon jugs and drink it. I need to eat more protein and dark greens..... why is this so hard for me i wonder.
She lifted up my shirt to measure me and found a rainbow heart on my belly painted in face paints by Abby as a surprise for her. She laughed and laughed and took pictures then bent down and told the baby what a wonderful picture big sis had drawn, that she had given him/her a very nice house. She told some great birth stories of recent and how after 30+ years of delivering babies usually she can just tell how far along moms are but not always, that sometimes she is so totally humbled by it all. The birth journey......

Monday, April 6, 2009

The wind was howling here with sideways rain, we even had some sleet! Happy April at La Push. The waves were cool though and we even got to see some gray whales!!

the only pic of the 24 week baby belly!!

Abs doing her climbing thing. She loves the place because of all that driftwood.

We had a great time out at the ocean. Some crazy bad weather and also 2 beautiful days with no wind and sun. Feeling recharged and much more calm, yeah!!