Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Surfing at La Push

Joe paddling at early morning at the ocean- I think I need a bigger lens!!

A Nice Visit

The Pumpking patch Abby and Lils

Cutie girls in the back seat
After Lils visit Abby wanted to know when she could go to her house and did she need a plane to get to Tacoma? Thanks for coming over Jill and hopefully we'll see you soon!

Dad's and Daughters

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Some recent Pics- La Push

We had a fantastic weekend at La Push with the family and seeing our Nephew Cody get married to a super cool girl. The wedding was perfect, small, and on top of a mountain! The ocean was sunny, hardly windy, and so lovely- sunset sat. night was gorgeous. We even got to see some bigger waves Sun. at Rialto Beach- couldn't get much better out there.

The Girls at La Push checking out the waves.

Abby and Angelina ready for the wedding!

07 Toppers Photography Soccer Team

Snider Lookout - Cody and Kaylene's wedding

Abs and her Papa

Abby's favorite part of the whole weekend- climbing on all the driftwood and pretending she was a panther!

Abs and I on a stormy day at Rialto Beach.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


There is something about birth that speaks to the
very core of my being. Watching a woman's belly get bigger and bigger each time you see her, and watching that same woman get more beautiful with each passing month than you thought imaginable. Watching her prepare and seek out other woman to feel the support she needs for this transitional time. Watching her face light up each time she talks of the baby coming even though she is more exhausted than she thought she could be. Finally, getting that call that It has begun. I feel like my every nerve is on overdrive, as close as I could come to actually feeling electric. Until you get there and the hard work for that mother really begins and you feel helpless at the same time you feel amazed. You try and encourage and just be with her as she does this hard work that is birth. The laboring mother is in another place, as close as you could be to anyone who is on a different spiritual plane that you are. You wish you could transfer a few contractions to yourself and give her a break but you know this thought is futile, you just do what her eyes are telling you to do, which is different for every woman, every birth.
Then this life slips into the world and you cry because you just Feel so so much.

Thank you, Jenny for letting me be part of Liam' s birth, I am so honored.

The Day You Are Born

Welcome Liam James Smith. The world is a better place because you are here.

The Day You Are Born by Alice Walker (part of it)
Oh, little ones
Who will one day
So much taller than us
Let us pledge
On your sweet heads
To make a better show
Of things
Than we have done.

Let us promise
To take courage
From the mysterious
Nature of your
Let us acknowledge
In all humility
That regardless of
Your status in life
It is we
Who are blessed.

We do not know the beginning or the end
We only see the middle of things
Which is our own life.

Perhaps you are a part of
The force
That is coming to help
Rearrange our wold
To make it better
We pray that this is

That you have come back
To help heal the confusion
You left behind
So many lifetimes

And that you come
Bringing all
We need
To get the job

Joy, Hope, Song.

Friday, October 5, 2007


What is it about hanging out with women that you care about, drinking coffee and talking about your life, kids, and jobs that makes you feel so damn better about life and love? Is it because you aren't alone, because it normalizes what you feel and makes you calmer? Or does it just link us all together so we don't feel so isolated in this nuclear family culture. Whatever the reason, I am thankful for it.

No Cars

I'm trying to figure out why Abby and I had such a
good day last on Tues. and here is why.
We only got in the car one time- to get food to make dinner.
We didn't have any schedule, nothing we had to do
or GET DONE. We read books and more books.
We drew pictures and colored with crayons.
It was cloudy and rainy outside, we had a fire in the
woodstove, it was cozy, unscheduled, and NICE
to just be with her instead of trying to get all these
things done. Why do I get so focused on the tasks instead
of on the important stuff?