Sunday, November 23, 2008


Tonight everything feels just right. After an amazing weekend of friends, family and lots of fun, tonight is calm. It is just us three, the phone doesn't ring, Joe and I eat dinner early, roasted sweet potatoes and salad as Abby takes a late nap on the couch. He reads out of the farmers almanac to me as we eat. I look around and see orange lilies and a giant vase of orange tulips on the couter, reminants of birthday cards and sweet presents (and some not so sweet- Elizabeth!). The wood stove making the house all cozy with candles lit. This is Sunday.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A surprise!

So last night I thought we were going out to a super yummy restaurant here for my fav dessert for my birthday. Headed up to mom and dad's to drop Abby off and my mom tells me she has something for me to see real quick before we go. She opened the door to the living room and seriously all these people and tons of kids yelling "surprise." I could not believe it. I have never had a surprise party in my life and I really was totally surprised, not one bit of suspicion. I can't believe that in all those people not one person accidently slipped. I definately found out how good everyone can lie, that is for sure. :) So we just hung out in the typical Smith fashion- lots of chaos, ate pizza, salads and some great desserts- one that I almost ate a bit prematurely at Anna's earlier picking up Abby- good thing there wasn't a big chunk out of it for the party! Thanks Anna and Tess for the party, you girls are seriously awesome. Thanks everyone for coming and making me feel so loved. I love you all like crazy and hope that your hearts all feel as big and full as mine. Its going to be a great year for sure. How can it not be?

A few more

You all know how we are about cups around here.
This is Abby's favorite right now.

I came into the kitchen running around getting stuff ready to go to work and school and here was Abs sitting at the table eating her morning cereal in her black stocking hat. Huh, I guess it was a bit cold in the house. :)

A pepsi machine in the driveway of the farm. Why Not?

Some Recents

The sky over Lake Sutherland. We haven't had a work overnight party since Victoria quite a few years ago so we all decided to rent a house for a night on the lake and go hang out.
Ummm, it was pretty fun....

The lake with a bit of fog left the next morning.

Net, Cindy and I going for a canoe ride. No we didn't tip it over at all. The lake was like glass and we watched a pair of eagles hunting.

Our coffee spot in the morning on the dock.

A view from the house. BEAUTIFUL!

Abs riding 'Melody' showing her riding skills in her horse show at school.

Abby super happy her Papa made it to the show to see her.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Moon Sky

Tonight outside feels like magic. Thanks Percy (our cat) for staring at me through the window willing me to remember to feed you. I stepped outside in the dark and was met by still, warm air and the yard all lit up by the almost full moon. Some clouds making it feel all pillow-y, everything peaceful and just right.

November 12th

It was 4 years ago today that I found out I had breast cancer. The actual event seems like so long ago but parts I remember like yesterday. I was in Victoria at a conference for work, waiting all day for a call with results. Finally, in the evening the doctor and I connected. I was in the hotel room surrounded by my co-workers listening on the phone to news my optimistic mind had not really prepared for, but could I have? Next, all I remember is that Pam and Lynette took over and somehow got me on a flight home to Seattle where Joe was waiting for me. I remember being so numb in the taxi ride to the airport with Pam and Net on either side of me talking, rubbing my back, with tears just silently pouring out. It was like I couldn't hear them but i knew they were talking. I just kept thinking about Abby and how much she needed me.
Now, 4 years later here I am loving, laughing, and so happy to just be. I thank my lucky stars for all of you that got me through and still do.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Last night Abs came running into the house, mama, can we go for a moon walk??
Sure, that sounds great. So we got flashlights and headlamps and went outside. It was dark but oddly warm. The lights lit up the fog, like we were walking through a cloud. Joe, Abs and I on a moon walk around the yard.
Then, this morning an EARLY run also needing headlamps and still oddly warm. We watched the sunrise slowly and the sky light up. And a book so good I am reading while making coffee, hmmmm. Yumm-o.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Halloween!

The preferred method of transport for witches in Sequim!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

I listened to Obama's acceptance speech as I drove home. A few times listening I got goose bumps, and once teary. This is the first election since I had the ability to vote that I truly cared who was elected. That i didn't feel like I was just choosing the lessor of two mediocre choices. When I went in to look at Abs already asleep, I just felt like Obama will do his best to lead this country in the direction of hope for all, prosperity through hard work and determination instead of leading through fear. As Carla's blog says, "America, you made the right choice."
For those who didn't vote for him, maybe there is a different way to be, to lead, and to impower than has been shown in the past. Just maybe different, passionate, and unconventional is exactly what we need.