Saturday, June 30, 2012


ughgh... those days when your head is banging up against itself and rattling, rattling,
the kids banging against the walls and the sound so loud it becomes total.  All you can do is just keep breathing because that is all you can be sure of really.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Before work today.....

Me:    Abby, do you think I should wear my hair in braids today or down?
Abs:   Braids mom.  It doesn't look as professional but (she pats her heart) that doesn't matter right here.

What a nice start to my day...

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Notice how there isn't a matching one in the lot? That many socks, wow.
Where I want to be

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Morning Sunshine

My heart feels all heavy these days. Thank goodness for these two. :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Boy Day

A load of dirt, super exciting stuff here.  He's already made roads and has most of his equipment out there.  He was out there at 7:45 this morning playing and talking away to himself. So sweet.

King of the hill

Funny look, mischief.  He looks like my nephew Luke here.  :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Spinning the World

Wanted to share this writing by Juliett Jade Quail,  How to transform a suburb into a community......

break down the backyard fences and use the wood to make a big fire, burn through the isolation and light a flame of union.  the cherry trees breathe easier, stretch their branches crazy wide and shake their rusted auburn-green leaves all directions, free.  let the children and the dogs run around and mingle, share their storybooks and trains, toy pianos and counting games.  trade your cherry tomatoes for their cucumbers and melons. pick a hundred figs, eat 29 and give the rest away.  lose all the lawn mowers and get a herd of goats. put all your tvs together to construct a backyard stage, where you are the star and the audience looks you in the eye and smiles. you teach me all your capoeira moves, i convert your mercedes to biodiesel.  you make dinner for us on sunday, enough cous cous and lentil soup to feed an army of peace warriors.  i pit the plums and make a mountain of marmalade monday night.  when i need a flathead screwdriver, i knock on your door instead of driving to the hardward store.  when you have a headache i give you energy work and a massage. one laundry machine and 21 clotheslines. laughter and lavender tea, telling stories late at night. this is how we do it. deconstructing into oneness, a new village reawakening ancient ways.  

Just putting it out there.  What if we stopped living the culture of fear and instead chose to live in trust, love, and with open hearts?  The part at the end "deconstructing into oneness" gets me.... BE the change you want to see.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Growing and Little all at the Same Time

Wes: "Mama, I went poop in the grass!!"
Me: Really?... great(sarcasm) . Wes, can you show me where the poop is so I can pick it up?
Wes: "Sure mom, yeah. Right here."
Me: seriously close to gagging... taking poop to the toilet to flush it.
       "Wes... you want to poop in the potty next time?"
Wes: "No way, I looovvee pooping in the grass.
Me: ughgh (resignation).... Wessy should we just put your diaper back on?
Wes: "Nope. Love the grass mama. "

Since being back from Hawaii, Wes is going no diaper, just at night which is awesome but so much more work right now.  Abby just back from her first backpacking trip, 3 days in the woods with her school and came back all smiles, missing us, and really missing her brother so tonight she slept in his bed, all snugged up with him.  They are growing up, it is so wild.
Leaving for backpacking. Greywolf River Trail.
When Abs got home I couldn't find them, they were outside in the yard talking it up- so sweet.

Wessy the day after getting back from vacation- he couldn't wait to get his overalls back on. :)