Monday, March 24, 2008

(One) of the Dreaded Questions...

So there are those times as a parent that you don't totally have a plan for.

A: Momma, is the Easter bunny real?

I looked into her blue eyes only a foot from mine, didn't say anything for a minute, she is looking at me all matter of fact, I saw her when she is 12...16.. and 22 years old, strong and questioning.

Me: I said, No Abby the Easter bunny isn't real. (Blammo)

A: Well, then why did I get an Easter basket today? Is he invisible or something? with a smile/smirk.

Me: yes, definitely invisible Abby.

She was happy with that and so was I.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

The egg hunting crew!

The Easter Bunny himself! :)

Two little bunny's dying easter eggs

Road Update

Saturday our plan was to go 6.5 to 7 mile loop from our house. We all felt great at the three mile mark and decided to do a different loop not sure how far it was. We started out at 730 am about 35 degrees, thinking uhhh, what are we doing exactly? We ended up after an hour and 40 min. on a major endorphin rush, having run 9.2 miles. Tired a bit sore but relaxed and happy today, feeling like I can do ANYTHING. Thanks Tess for kicking my ass up that first hill in January.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

See You in August !!!


Have just finished reading my friend Jill's travel blog about meeting her daughter through adoption in China a whole world away. How after a few hours, she was smiling and laughing at her big sister, not letting Jill out of her site. I can't help but think how amazing this life is. That a sweet little 3 yr. old who has lived in an orphanage in a very poor part of China can immediately know that she is her momma and this is her family. How can we NOT be all connected somehow? It is like the more you love; life, people, yourself... the bigger it becomes. The deeper the love the greater the sorrow, right? Sometimes I feel myself being scared of feeling so much but in the end how can you stop? For me it takes more energy to resist than to feel so much and in turn hurt at times. Thank you everyone for loving me and my family and for letting me love you back.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Beach

I love everything about La Push. I love driving around the lakes and crossing the Soleduc River three times. I love the moss on all the trees and the sunlight in the forest. Mostly, I love how I feel there. How often can we say- 'There is no where else I'd rather be but here, listening to the rocks and waves with the sun on my face.'

The three of us at our favorite beach

The best (and only) restaurant in La Push

Looking north across the Quileute River mouth

Waves too big to surf but great for Coast Guard drills

Early AM at 881

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tonight I got to run for an hour, the last half in the rain. Cool rain hitting my face with Pearl Jam playing in my ear. ahahahahah.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Maybe its because I had a few busy weeks in a row with work but I feel like I'm having trouble being responsible, doing the things that i know i should be doing but really don't want to.

All the things i should have done tonight.

- folded laundry

-charted for work

-unloaded the dishwasher

-rolled up the sleeping bag that has been on the couch since last weekend

-went running

-gone to bed early but alas i'm posting at 11:30

I feel like I'm getting a bit addicted to running and I didn't get to go tonight. Abs fell asleep really late a slept until 6:30. Never bodes well for actually getting to sleep on time. She has had some late nights lately and I was hoping to get her to bed early to avoid the crabby, sluggish girl that wakes up in the morning too tired to get ready for school but also so I could go run on the treadmill. Of course i'm sure you all know where this is headed. She didn't go to sleep, cried for 10 min. that she wasn't tired and couldn't go to sleep if i wasn't laying with her but this mom refuses to lay with a screaming child (call me crazy.) Plus my heels are blistered up from a walk and bad socks? Thought i had found an answer for covering the torn up skin but one already fell off just walking around the house. And to boot tomorrow is Thursday when I usually get to hang out with the girls and alas I am working.... grumpy.grumpy... grumpy. Good night and sweet, sweet dreams.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I think these are lovely.
So is this site.