Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Earth Day Late

Well I tried to do a daily post, geez I can't even hack it for a week... and didn't even do it on the actual Earth Day, ah the best intentions, right?

Abs and I had a great Earth day. Started out a normal day with errands and lunchtime with Grandma Jan & Grandpa Gary.
We then headed to our beloved Kinkaid Island to be in the woods at the river. We checked out all our favorite spots and sat in the sun a little and listened to the water. It was lovely for both of us, similar to being at the ocean, my body feels so relaxed and calm there. Abs was running around like crazy racing through the woods laughing. Her favorite part of nature- Exploring she said. :)

Then we stopped by a local nursery and she picked out flowers to plant in her little playhouse and came home and planted them sans any help from me which she thought was VERY cool.

Finally, she wanted to make paper chains- instead of my idea of a paper mache Earth, come on man wouldn't that have been cool? She said it was going to take too long!! So chains we did. She drew pictures of all the things that she didn't want to go away, that we should try and protect. On her chain was a butterfly, a mouse, a cat, a horse, the sun, people, and the last was a $ sign, hmmm not sure about that one. :) On mine are the following words: soil, flowers, fish, trees, water, birds, fruit, and vegetables.

There you go. Earth day 2008. A parting quote from my dad when I told him it was Earth Day. He said, " Wendy, everyday is Earth day for farmers." my sweet daddi-o.


Watson Family said...

Sounds like a perfect Earth Day!
Gotta love Grandpa Gary!!

mommy of three said...

what a great day, I so love the pic's

I would love to visit that spot with you guys
CR and O would love it