Thursday, May 22, 2014

Growing up

One of my Favorite Things....
Abby comes out of her room after finishing a book and she finds me, " Mom, you have to read this book, you will like it."
Over the next couple days she checks in with me to see where I'm at in the book and what we both liked about the characters.
I love the conversations that happen, what we both pick out about the people, some things surprise me, sometimes we like different characters better, sometimes she picks out things I missed.
A moment when I get to take a break from being the authority and her mom and we just get to be two girls reading the same book and getting to be just exactly who we are.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mama's Day at the Beach

Sunday afternoon at the beach, saw grey whales right away, close in.  Some campers that come every mama's day say they always come, do you think they know its Mother's Day?

Breakfast at Mom's that they guys all cook for the Mom's.  So lucky to be surrounded by this amazing family.

Joe going in post surgery, his smile so shiny.
Abby looks at me while we watch him go in and says, "Papa is really happy here huh Mom?" Yes Abs, yes he is.  :)

Spring Magic

To put seeds in the ground, some so small you can hardly see where they are in the dirt and soon....
with some sun and water, they grow into green plants, that my kids can go out and pick when they are playing, becomes dinner in the summer, veggies we take to parties and cook for friends.  Gives me reason to say thank you to Joe again and again as he monitors the watering, I may have the soil/planting gene but the watering one I do not. How many times do I look out my kitchen window and see the progress...pure love.