Friday, February 24, 2012

Some Glitter
Abby's last BBall game tonight- they lost their first game of the year, none of her shots went in, but she played like crazy. So proud of her.
This is crazy boy in motion with his cousin Liam's zuit suit on.  He  is so sweet and also soooo flipping loud....
Corn on the cob in February- thank you costco, this boy is crazy for it. Maybe he is just crazy for the small  very sharp corn shaped objects you get to "spear" in the ends
Abs turning 9 and finally getting her ears pierced.  Her Papa threatened 16 but in the end 9 seemed good, too.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Nod to Creating

I read some things today in a book about numbers.
Adding together and getting who you are.  
Its wild to read to yourself, out loud to others, things about yourself that you thought only you knew.
I'm not sure what it confirms.... that the world is numerically based, that we're all meant to be just how we are.
Sure there are things that are easy for each and in turn things that are hard but it makes the whole.
To just decide to like it, to be easier on others, to be more understanding and to take things less personal.
That maybe its not because something is wrong but because its just the way we are and we get to decide to stay on, to stay the course, or change direction.  
I feel far away from myself and a strong need to create.
To create space.... and time..... something tangible..... to emote somewhere safe that others won't have to be effected by it or feel it in some personal way..... the lack of expectations.  Sounds like running away but maybe its running to.....    

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


There are days when every minute is accounted for before you even get out of bed.
Unavoidable sometimes, self inflicted, others.
You work so hard and give so much for those you love, things you feel are important.
But sometimes at the end of that day in doing all those tasks,
you didn't touch much,
you didn't have time to read when they asked,
to just "be" right beside them,
to crawl in bed with him.
Will they know I am loving by the tasks and the doing? or will they think back and wonder where I was?
Unable to remember.....