Thursday, April 24, 2008

Aquariums & Zoos

Having to be in Seattle yesterday for an appointment, Joe, Abs, and I made it to the aquarium. Now I realize that there are conflicting views in the "green" world about zoos and aquariums, whether animals should be in captivity and on display. All I can speak from is my experience and being a mom, and that- is kids love it. I mean I like the aquarium but Joe and Abby LOVE it. Last time they saw the aquarium they came by themselves so I also heard stories that I didn't know about from their last trip. Joe grew up in S. Calif. and Hawaii where he got to swim and explore the ocean and see all these tropical fish up close. Going to the aquarium with Abs is the closest she can come living in the PNW to experiencing those animals and that wildlife. If your child never saw those fish, or elephants, lions, or giraffes then how would they have that real connection to those animals and their habitat in order to protect it in the future? You can read about them yes, but actually being up close to them, smelling them and seeing their eyes, I feel like you establish a deeper respect for them. So, earth week tip for the day : Go to the Zoo & Aquarium - fun!

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