Saturday, April 5, 2008


All the lovely things about today.

- The sun streaming through the window this morning and Nag Champa
- A wake up call to run after getting in at 2am (that i turned down- I'm not that addicted i guess)
- New striped knee highs
- Being told what part of my eyes get puffy on low sleep and a NFS party
- Girls giggling, chasing each other and shining
- Little boy's feet kicking like crazy in the backpack at the sight of any farm animal
- A walk, the smell of trees, a path wide enough for one
- Laughing and laughing
- Hearing my voice in a microphone and watching them really 'see' each other as they sing
- Drinking tea with honey and milk, wood heat, new books in the mail, and the last two bites of cherry pie

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