Monday, April 21, 2008

The Bag Man

Tip for the day: The dreaded plastic bags. (this one is for me- why can't i just remember to bring the damn canvas bags into the store?) I recycle mine but wouldn't it be more efficient to not even have them? Do you think they will be phased out? Do you ever think how wild it is that we can send people safely to another planet but can't seem to develop the infrastructure here on ours to adequately care for where we live? At Pike Place a guy walks around covered in plastic bags- you can't even see his face or any of his body. At first when i saw him I felt myself actually step back, away from him. Pretty effective.


Carla said...

Your blogging is rockin' Wen! Even Josh comments how much he likes it. We have our plain black Freddy's bags and I feel so weird when I take them i to other stores but I do... I also recently got 3 big, huge reusable bags from Costco for when we shop there. We always got boxes and recycled them but that was a pain. These bags are about the size of ikea bags but stiffer and all our Costco stuff fits in them. Its kind of amazing.

Jill said...

I made myself remember by not allowing myself to take one of the stores bags (or l0 of them) if I forgot mine. VERY effective and the clerks are totally puzzled. I would just say,...nope can't take any bags today because I forgot mine.... When Marc was visiting and I did that he thought I was nuts and then he kind of got into it. Most of the time the bags are in the car anyway so you just load the stuff into the bags in the car from the cart. You only do it a few times. I take mine everywhere now.

Wendy said...

Good ideas you guys. Did costco have the bags or did you get them somewhere else? Good idea about just not getting bags and putting everything back into the cart, because the bags usually are just in the car. hmmm... good.