Monday, May 19, 2008

Yeah, Grandma Is Here

Grandma Kali always comes with fun presents, good stories, and lots of hugs. This time, her new puppy Ruby, and she is a sweety girl.


Carla said...

Love the new Spring look on the blog. Are the pics in the slideshow ones that Joe has taken? Or you? Or Stock? They are great, so jealous! Ruby is such a cutie pie. I've always wanted a shepherd.

Wendy said...

The slideshow are stock pics. Joe thinks its dumb that there are pics on there that we didn't take but I like it because i can change it all the time and its my blog right? that is what i say. :) She is so cute, she is shephard and something we're not sure, she is pretty square in the front, pit or boxer maybe.

Carla said...

Just like a man! Trying to critique "your" blog. I always tell Josh, I'll add him as a member to write some posts if he feels so strongly about contributing. He normally gets a little less opinionated about "my" space after that.