Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Angel Baby

Baby Sari, Abby and I had a great day yesterday.
She is an angel baby for sure. Her mom was worried the day before because she had only taken 4 oz all day on her first day back to work. Today she drank 14 oz and slept really well.
Her momma is so sad to be back at work, feels it is unfair- the system of insurance, the primary reason for her going back. They can't afford to pay for insurance otherwise and feel scared to not have it. In many ways the world is better now for women than it was but having to leave your baby when she is 7 weeks old with someone else and be at work all day 5 days a week is not better at all, in fact it sucks.


Watson Family said...

OH MY GOD - OUR scenario exactly, seriously my whole paycheck goes to childcare, but I work for the insurance!! SUCKS! But, we are lucky to have a great person taking care of her and just thankful that we have jobs etc etc etc!! Just wish we lived in Sweden or somewhere that supports their parents!

Sara and David said...

I agree! I had to go back to work and finish the school year when Jack was only 2 weeks old! Luckily David could stay home with him, but I was still angry that I had to be at work. I feel like I missed so much of his first year. Luckily I get out of school in 2 weeks and get to spend the entire summer home. I guess I have it better than some.