Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Road Update

Ok, so I've been avoiding this post because I'm still so mad about it but here goes. Mother's day I get up early and run 9 miles, feels harder than last time, maybe because i'm by myself and not distracted by talking but I do it and at the end it feels ok, right? We have a great day, in the afternoon i'm mowing the lawn and IT happens. All my weight is back on my right leg pulling the mower backwards, Joe throws the ball for Jack and next the dog proceeds to plow into me at full speed misjudging where my leg is. So he totally takes me out, I am lying on my a** in the flower bed with a totally sprained ankle. After I get it wrapped up and finish mowing Joe and I are on the tailgate of the truck while Abby is running around and I am just crying and crying. How random and unnecessary. So, I couldn't run the Rhody run at all, last night the first night since that Sun. that i dared even try and do some fast walking. It is still slightly swollen and hurts inside. I went walking last night at 9 o'clock and then did my old high school routine of soaking my ankle in hot water, moving it all around and then ice cold water after that. We'll see how that goes for this week in hopes I can start running again this weekend with only 2 weeks to go to the 1/2 marathon. ughghghgh.

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Watson Family said...

WEN!! I'm so sorry, that sucks so bad!! You've been working so hard - I admire your determination!
Hopefully your treatment routine will help the ankle and you will get to conquer the 1/2 marathon!!