Friday, May 9, 2008

Corn Dogs and Curly Fries

A belly ache right? of course. The yearly carnival is here this weekend and last night we went.
Wasn't sure we were going until I saw Abby's face as she came out of her school class talking about all the kids going to the carnival and could we "please, please go." Joe working long days all week, bless his heart was totally game for heading to the carnival after just getting home. The only bad thing about the night was that Wendy wasn't smart enough to wear warmer clothes and was seriously verging on hypothermic by 9:30pm, Abby still wanting to do more rides and games. Good ole Jetta with heated seats on the way home!
Some great things about the night. Abs went on her first roller coaster! Historically she has been adamantly against roller coasters saying they were way too scary. I don't know if it was because it was small or because her buddy Zoe had already survived riding it twice, she went. Her face at first was like holy sh*t but after her first time around she was smiling so big and raising her arms in the air. I was so proud of her for being so brave. She came off jumping a foot off the ground yelling, again, again, again.... :) The rest of the night was spent in lines waiting for most of the rides, seeing quite a few friends from her school and generally seeing her smiling from ear to ear and super excited for 3 hrs straight. The sunset was gorgeous, Joe and I both talking to each other about our childhood carnival memories and him trying to keep me warm. For all the jokes about carnivals, we had a great night.

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Watson Family said...

Ummm.... you forgot to mention all the laughs you've had about Carnie's - or maybe that's me - they are one of the best parts of the carnival! Mark and I always have a laugh at them whistling to people, smiling with smiles full of missing teeth, watching them laugh at people getting sick on their ride, hap-hazardly strapping our children into a 50 year old ride (wait that's probably not funny) etc etc etc. I guess it's sad that we have a laugh at someone else's expense - terrible, but it is funny!