Thursday, May 15, 2008

Finally Spring

The apple tree, Abby's house and the fire pit. The fire pit has already been used a bit this spring, even in the snow!! We're ready for some warmer nights.

Abby and Joe getting the garden area ready for corn, pumpkins, squash and some beans hopefully. The dogs seem to think that this dirt area is especially for them to dig and hide toys., ugghgh.
Abby had campout day at school so guess what we did when we came home? Horray for camping to start, we are all excited!

The evening sky. Couldn't get much prettier here, we are so lucky.


Sara and David said...

I love this time of year, so much excitement and anticipation. We had a beautiful weekend in the 80's and spent the entire time in the yard. We have barely started to make a dent in the mess out there, but somehow the disaster just furthers my desire for the arrival of summer and a garden full of fresh vegetables.

Wendy said...

I know what you mean, the beginnings. Yumm-o on the veggies, I can't wait. Nice to have some sunshine, too!