Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Weekend!!

We knew it was going to be a fantastic weekend, how could it not be with a Friday night sky like this!

Our camp, slightly dark but Kinkaid river was up as it has been warm, the snow is melting. It was beautiful beyond words there, the sun through the trees, the smell of the woods and the sound of the water.

Tents all set up and cozy.

Leaves and Light.

Abs and I Monday morning, the only chilly time we had there, actually rained a bit but NOTHING like camping there last year. These two girls look a little tired?

My sweet family after a lovely breakfast of bacon, biscuits, and sorghum, yumm-0!

Finally packing up and heading home. We used to drive through this little channel but it keeps getting bigger so now the wheelbarrow to haul all the stuff from the truck to the camp spot.

The weekend started out with an early walk in Dungeness at the river, all by myself, listening to music and even ran a bit on my ankle and it felt ok. Then we headed to the Juan de Fuca Festival- our first time there. We all met there to hear our good friends, the Yates' play music. It is so amazing to see your friends doing something they love together, especially music. They even dedicated a song to us- about going to the ocean, it was amazing. Then, all of us headed home and got packed up for a weekend of camping. At one point on Sat. night there were 4 families, all our kids, and my parents around the campsite. How amazing does it feel to have so many people all around you that you love, talking, laughing and genuinely happy sharing the campfire and eating Joe's amazing food. I would have posted pics of all the crew but not sure everyone wants to be splashed on my blog so I'll refrain.
My favs for the weekend.....
Joe's stew, spaghetti, and Anna's biscuits
The evening light in the trees as the sun went down
All the kids lined up in front of the tent making their scary faces for the camera
Seeing all the kids trooping through the woods, walking sticks in hand, playing some sort of
game usually involving wild animals, unicorns and the such.
Hearing Mia pia going to sleep in the sling all cozy on her mama's back
Watching everyone come to the camp via the log
Finally, a picture of us three- Kristy, Anna and I- and their sweet babies.
Tess not sure about our camping spot, where can I wash my feet?
The new trails by the river and maybe a summer swimming hole
Skinny dipping in the river at 1am, then watching the sky get lighter, "What time is it?" and
when exactly does hypothermia set in?
Reading books to the girls in the tent and dying for more sleep!
Looking for stars and "the log" how is your neck Bill?
Packing Bubba through the woods in the back pack- him jibbering away and looking up at the trees. He is only 11 months but I swear he was totally telling me about them.
Owen falling asleep in his momma's lap and Kristy telling me to get out of her heat from the fire. :)
Sitting around the campfire, my stomach hurting from laughing- good ole Kline stories
Monday packing out, just us three all tired but relaxed and so so so happy.
My philosophical question for the weekend:
What if every person had somewhere they could go like Kinkaid/La Push for us, where they could just be in nature, no phones, no TV, not email or computer. Where they had to cook there own food and just be in nature and with themselves. What would the world be like if everyone had a place to go where they could remember how to breathe?


Watson Family said...

Your weekend sounds amazing, you are so lucky to have a great group of friends to do that with! You actually made camping sound fun to me! I should note that I do like to camp, just not while pregnant and/or for a week long trip!!
Missing you guys!

KRISTY said...

this is such a great way to remember, I hope our kids can read and view this one day! love ya

anna said...

A magical weekend, full of fantastic memories. Can't wait till we're eighty and laughing about the swimming. Or maybe we'll still be game enough for jumping in!!!! Bill, Joe, and Tom Waits, who could ask for ya sweetie, anna

Jill said...

Beautiful photos and a beautiful weekend. Thanks for sharing,