Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Road Update

Just a quick entry to let everyone know the ankle and I made it through the half marathon!! wa-hoo. It was super exciting and truly fun most of the way except for the last three miles- when it got tough, but I did it. The day was perfect, cloudy, cool, no rain only a bit of wind at the end- which i was cursing because it was when i was soooo done. But anyway, thank you all for all the support, you are amazing and I absolutely couldn't have done it without you. I feel super proud of us for deciding to do this, for doing all those runs these last months and for my ankle for hanging in there with me. Will post some pics when i get them up. Now off to take some tylenol/ibu mix, more water, sleep and hope I can actually walk in the morning!!


Mark said...

Congratulations Wendy!

Jill said...

YOU are amazing and I love you girly.

Watson Family said...

Awesome Job Wen!!!
Love you lots!!!!!