Sunday, June 22, 2008

Abby Ballerina

Thanks Court for doing Abby's hair. She kept making everyone feel how "crispy" it was. Good thing she has Courtney as the bun I would have attempted would not have stayed in!!

We're so proud of you Angelina, Abby and Rae- you were fantastic!!

I can't think of a better 100th post than this. We are so proud of you Abby, you did such a great job!! I tried to load the actual video of the performance, it is soooo sweet, but apparently it is too big for blogger, bummer. So we had been complaining a bit about this recital, how it was such a big deal, rehearsal's, all serious, etc. but Sunday it was worth it to see her up on stage all confident and having fun. One of those moments as parents that make you feel totally "full."


K Douglas said...

it was great, glad to share it with you! xoxo

Carla said...

Quelle belle ballerine! She looks so girly!

courtney smith said...

Yay! Good job girlies!! :)