Thursday, June 5, 2008

Road Update

The granola is in the oven and I'm starting to make my play list for the run on Sunday, 4 days!! My ankle is hanging in there, feels ok while I'm running, had to stop a few times and walk on last weekend's run because of it but mostly it is just sore after..... like the next day. I haven't tried to run more than 6 miles on it though since i did it so we'll see. I'm as ready as i'm going to be for this. It is going to be hard for me but I think I'll feel great at the end. This running adventure has been strange for me confidence wise. I am usually a pretty confident person, feel like if I decide I want to do something that I will be able to do it. This however, has not been that way. As we've been running, whenever we are going to go longer I always doubt myself, unsure if I can do it, if my legs will hold out, or my lungs. Tessa likes to bring up that in the beginning when she would suggest doing Palo Alto (uphill) the whole way I would laugh and say- yeah right, or swear. :) But then after awhile I stopped doing that and just said sure, knowing it would be hard but doable. The side effect of doing all this running is that physically I feel pretty good (sans ankle) and in the back of my head feel like I'm doing something proactive about making my cancer not come back. I forget the statistic exactly but regular exercise decreases my recurrence rate by maybe 20%- pretty significant. Soooo...... if my body can hold out I want to keep running after this race for myself.... for Joe and Abs. So thank you, thank you Tess for asking me on that first run, for being a great motivator, trainer, and friend- you are awesome!! Ok, I'm off to pick 2 1/2 hours of music- wa-hoo.


Watson Family said...

Wendy- Kick some A on your race!!!
You are an inspiration- seriously thinking about running a half marathon makes me want to keel over!
I am thinking about you!! Have fun and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment and the high that running gives you!

courtney smith said...

Yay Wend, you did it!!! I'm so so proud of you! Way to go, Ka-Chow! ;)


Love ya, Court

Jill said...

Did you do it?? I'm sure you DID :)