Monday, June 9, 2008

The Remnant

This is coming out tomorrow, the last chemo/cancer thing left in my body. It shouldn't be a big deal, done in the surgeon's office. No one has given any advice on this staying in or out. The oncologist says, some people keep them for years just in case and some have them out as soon as possible. Maybe mine has been in longer than necessary but so far I have had that feeling of "what if" and that maybe I would jinx this "remission" if I had it out too soon. I guess it just took me this long to be ready. I am a little nervous to have it gone but at the same time I feel safe, like I'm filled up with faith.


Jill said...

YAHHHHH. Dump that thing, you aren't going to need it.

anna said...

girl, how brave you are. thank you for letting me be there. love ya, anna

Wendy said...

Thank you, thank you.. for being there and for letting me squeeze the crap out of your hand! :)

Watson Family said...

We are filled with faith too!
I'm so glad that you had Anna with you today.
You are so strong and won't need to ever think about that "remnant" again!!