Thursday, August 23, 2007


The new "bunk beds"- Abs likes them the most I think.

Abs first year of soccer is starting- wonder if she will be the aggressive one or if she'll cry if she gets bumped. Will let you know......

The cactus on the front porch!

First day of Ballet!

One of the flowers from the sunflower patch!

Typical PNW camping at Kinkaid, rained all night!

Whoa this picture set up is a little crazy, sorry everyone , I will figure this out eventually. Having a fun summer, Abs asking to go back to school every third day! Hope she still likes it when she is 12.


Carla said...

Love,love,love your outdoor pics. Maybe you should submit some to your gardening mags. Beautiful!

Wendy said...

Thanks Carla! I just took the flower ones, not the sunset. Hope you guys are staying cool.
Doing Dave M. for labor day at the Gorge!

Watson Family said...

Love the pics of Abs, soccer and ballet - that is one well rounded young lady!! I agree with Carla the flower pics are amazing!

PS I got Ben Harper tickets today!! November 12th here in Portland!! Just thought of that b/c you're going to Dave Matthews!!