Friday, September 7, 2007

Labor Day Weekend!

This weekend was jammed packed, thus the following.
-honking car horns two blocks away to tell my brother Anth,
we were arriving!
-hugs and more hugs to Anth, back from the middle east
-Singing Lori Berkner in the car (Joe,Wendy,Abby, and Courtney)
-sewing patches on sweaters while Libs read to Abby
-homemade Chai with Weston, Hannah, and Libby
-On the road to the Gorge!
-Easton State Park, Joe and Bill jumping off the bridge into Lake Easton and kids
-The perfect sky and view from the general admiss. at the Gorge Amphitheatre
-Dave Matthews Band and Abby singing 'Crash' on top of her papa's shoulders
-Moses Lake, "the person is new that took your reservation, she actually didn't assign you a
room, let me go look and see if this one is clean??.....
-Late night snack of Pringles in bed and the "Last Unicorn"- yes Abby was still awake
-Morning swimming and Denny's for lunch, wa-hoo for Joe his favorite travel lunch
- 8 hrs. in the car to get home from Moses lake. #@*$#@# aahhahh. saved by one 4.5 yr old who was amazing, just hung out for the whole time listening to music, watching a movie, and looking outside. Wheww..... we were lucky.
-Home at last from a whirlwind weekend full of sun, friends, music, and traffic, to two tail wagging dogs. :)

I Hope everyone had a fun weekend!

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Sara and David said...

Sounds like so much fun! Please tell all those wonderful people you spent your weekend with hello for me next time you see them (Hannah, Libby, Anthony) It takes me back to another time...