Monday, July 12, 2010

Vacation vacation

What a week we had. The hottest weather of the year, trips to the punch bowl and turquoise water. Salt creek, surfing, great food, walking back and forth from Asha'a house she rented to ours, soooo nice. We got to go kayaking in the bay as the sun was going down, the water all glass, the frogs croaking and the quiet- oh how quiet. Tents in the yard along with slip in slides, pools, and squirt guns. We had a party on the 4th for Joe, bad weather but everyone still came and by the evening the sun was out. We got to show them Port Townsend and they hiked around Hurricaine Ridge. Late nights, nice talks, lots of laughing and Terets. Cars full of teenagers and all the entertainment that that brings as well as sweet young kids, Abs and Ethan playing all week together- mostly they ran and laughed. We had the Payesko kids and Angelina to make the 6-8 yr old pack of kids bigger and tons of fun. We loved having you all, thanks everyone for the week, for the memories and all the sweet hugs and love. We really have such an amazing family.

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Mark, Jessica, Jakob, Sarah and Roxy said...

Sounds so fantastic, you really are blessed!