Thursday, July 22, 2010

Raspberry jam made by 9am, a hard morning with a 7 year old that has the attitude of a 14 year old at times, not liking to say no to fun things, feeling like i have to have my thumb on her all day- hashing it out. Lunch out on a sand pile, both kids "helping" their grandma Kali on the sand- Abs all proud that she got to help on the real pile not her makeshift one on the side. Some management and errands but also some sweet quiet time in the middle of the day and a really good book. A girl right now laughing that belly laugh that i love so much while her brother is trying to fall down on purpose and laughing, crawling all fast like he does when he is having fun. The sun is out and the day is only half over, a big breath comes out of me.

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Jessica said...

Ah life with kiddos, the ups and downs of it. One moment is pure bliss and happiness, the next is pure ugliness. Sunshine makes both ends of the extreme better, though.