Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This is off Court's phone from facebook, not sure how to make it look normal. But here is us after the run, happy happy we are done!!

Pre-race shoes and numbers, ready.
So for the bit of grumbling i did about this race being a bit of a pain, the training was harder to find time for, didn't feel like i ran enough, a separate trip to Seattle for the registration, (WTF), and all that goes into leaving overnight by myself, to say the least it seemed like alot. But... when we finally got to the start, looking at a sea of people doing this, that all went away and I just felt where i was. I was lucky enough to be running with my niece in a half marathon. The conditions were perfect, the course- freeways shut down, running through tunnels and next to lake Washington. Running by people of every race, color, kids, mom's/dad's, grandparents, people holding US flags with people's names on them, all sorts of people cheering everyone on, didn't matter if they knew you or not. I saw moms walking with daughters holding hands the whole way, lots of women running with other women- laughing, talking, and encouraging each other along, couples running together, kids joining their moms for a bit of the way and then yelling that they loved them and back they went to the next cheering spot. I saw many people with names and pictures of people on their back that they were running for, people who had died of cancer. Mostly though, for that morning there were 27,000 people running or walking for something bigger than themselves, a whole morning where that many people in one place all had feelings of goodwill, everyone smiling and feeling empowered after they were finished. When we came out of the tunnel and saw Safeco and Qwest field I was endorphin high and basically had goosebumps until the end. Thanks everyone so much for helping me get all those runs in at home, thanks Cass for deciding to do it with me, to Court and Dawn for letting us crash at your house and for braving the morning race traffic/policemen, to Kali and Joe for hanging with the kids all those times so i could run. I could not have done it without any of you. And to end the story of the previous post, yes, the strep throat did get me but i'm on the mend!

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Seattlemom said...

congratulations! so glad it went well and the sickness waited. there are more photos HERE:

We missed you at FF. A beautiful weekend filled with sweet moments (what more can you hope for with our crew)...and quiet nights.