Monday, August 2, 2010

And You are 1

How can it be that it has been a whole year?

How can it be that it seems you have always been here and also that it was yesterday that you were born?

How can it be that in one year you went from sleeping most of your days to eating, yelling, and exploring most of your days?

You have shifted the dynamic of our family for the better, more balanced.

Your sister loves you to no end but is starting to feel you asserting your will- she is strong and so are you, i'm sure some battles are ahead of us.

A bit about you at 1.

- You love, love, love being outside. You sit by the sliding glass door, you cry if anyone goes out and doesn't take you with them. Outside you love riding Jobe's 4 wheeler, the tricycle, using any tools you see around, digging in the dirt in general exploring.

- You are LOUD, just like your sister. I don't know how it is that we have such loud children but i suspect you are just trying to compete with your sister to be heard.

- You like to eat most anything but you don't like your highchair.

- You love your sister's room and everything in it.

- You love to go wake your sister up in the morning as you are usually awake first.

- You are the only way i could get your sister awake without a fight for school during the year, as if it was you waking her she would wake up happy.

-You are walking and sometimes trying to run.

- You are a treasure, a gift to all of us, and we love you like crazy.

Happy Birthday Wes!


Mark, Jessica, Jakob, Sarah and Roxy said...

Cute Cute Cute

Seattlemom said...

Happy Birthday Sweet boy!

kristy said...

I'm so privaleged to have Wessie every day! love you boy!