Saturday, September 12, 2009


Well.... seems we are settling in to a new routine of school and our new sweet boy. Abby is doing great in school, she really likes her new school, riding the bus, her teacher, and her new friends. We're also doing soccer right now so it is busy to say the least. Spending a quiet night at home, much needed after the first full week. Baby Wes is so sweet and doing good, seems to be getting his belly/gas figured out a little or i'm getting better at knowing what is going on, not sure which. We're pretty tired but otherwise doing ok. He is smiling so much now and cooing. Abs loves to talk to him and gets so excited when she hears him talking. His hair is growing, a birth mark appeared on his forehead and he has his papa's widow's peak. I feel lucky to have such healthy kids. The weather has been the typical lovely september, walks at the river and down the road each night with Wes in the Mai Tai (front pack). The evening walking is maybe my favorite time, its so quiet, all the birds on the water, Mt. Baker was all pink tonight-- so beautiful.

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Seattlemom said...

So glad you are doing well and settling in. Isn't the settling in phase just the best of all. We were over your way last weekend & had an amazing day. We'll be back in Nov to see you I hope.