Wednesday, September 23, 2009


So I finished the Twilight series yesterday in a rush of reading forgoing responsibilities like taking out the recycling- now it will pile up for 2 MORE weeks, and letting poor Ruby out of the Kali's house, not intentional of course I just was that absorbed. We go out to La Push a lot, one of our favorite places to escape, so we have been watching the Twilight tour bus (WTH) come down and all these teenagers pile off and take pictures, Edward's name written in charcoal on driftwood, etc. We have been making fun of it to say the least and crap now that i've read them.. maybe i have to stop? Maybe not that drastic, just tone it down a little. :) I probably like the books for other reasons, not as much for the love story part but the Magic in it. Just like I loved Harry Potter. Its fun to think that another reality is happening at the same time and we aren't aware of it, that things can be just because its magic without any science. Anyway, just a plug for the books, that if you haven't read them you may want to check them out. I'm always a little bummed after I finish books that i'm excited to read...let me know if you've read any good ones lately.

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Carla said...

Ha ha ha! I knew you'd like it! I agree about the fancination with supernatural. Witches are my favorite, but vamps and wolves are pretty cool too!