Saturday, December 27, 2008

Some New Pics

Our first white Christmas in a long time. So sweet and even snowing big flakes while we were doing stockings. :)

Abby and Ebenezer on Christmas Eve

Abs and her Grandpa Peep doing some drumming

Abby in her new duds and her favorite new horse "Matrix" an appaloosa stallion.


Seattlemom said...

Oh my... you need to hand-me-down that dress Ab has on bcs I have one just like it and then I'll have one for both girls next year. You know...for when I really have Christmas spirit and dress them up! pweeeease.

kristy said...

So nice to see your fam getting dressed up for the eve, your ebenezer looks mighty handsome even if he is in pain!

Wendy said...

No problem for next year on the dress Jill. :)