Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas :) & :(

How is everyone doing this close to Christmas? Are you excited or do you feel stressed?
Are you done shopping or have you not wrapped a thing.
What is your fav part of Christmas and what makes you cringe?

My answers:
I feel stressed as I still have a few places to go and stuff to get. How many more days do i have, yeah, not many.
I have not wrapped a thing.
My favorite part of Christmas- Christmas eve and the morning when everything is done and all you have to do is eat yummy food and enjoy watching people open their presents. I really like seeing my family, especially the ones we only get to see at Christmas time. Sunday was that, at my parent's house, white elephant presents, yummy soup, the kids being kids roudy and having fun, and playing pinochle.
The part that makes me cringe- the sheer amount of STUFF! I'm trying not to pass on my neurosis to Abs but i find myself talking a lot about kids who don't have many things and how important it is that we all get to be together.

OK, now it is everyone else's turn- my version of tagging Carla, Jess, Anna, Kristy, Tessa, & Jill. :)


kristy said...

Oh lets see here...yes stressed because I am the only one doing the prep and more than likely Ji will make some comment about something I forgot...dear me. I still am excited though. How could you not be? This seems like a fun year for the kids to get into it. I am sure Cole will be my early bird. NO wrapping done yet, but I'll make myself a latte tonight and watch a movie and wrap. I can't seem to find my scissors. My favorite is Christmas morning and watching the kids, eating a big breakfast. This year we will do a big dinner Christmas day and you know my favorite part....taking the tree down and being done with Christmas! Come on Valentines day!

anna said...

wow - I was so excited about Christmas this year, early, which is totally unlike me, only to have it peter out in the week before. So many different reasons, maybe none of them right, but Christmas morning made up for it...a six year old who still believes in Santa, and a 18month old who used his dinosaurs to eat his farm animals. I don't know. It was good, but we'll have to reassess next year...I'm hoping for New Orleans. Love to all, a