Tuesday, December 16, 2008

So I got a lot done today but really did the afternoon have to be so crappy?
I was in a great mood being productive, laundry, work at mom/dad's, dishes, more laundry, snow tires, and even some charting, hay and grain stocked up for the horses.
Packing water I lean down to pick up the full buckets and hear a "plunk." sound. It didn't even register at first then i realized my pocket felt lighter. The pocket that i had put my camera in so I could take some pics as it was really pretty. Yep, right in the bucket of water. So I run to the house for the hairdryer, yelling at abby to close the barn doors and the gate behind me. I'm trying to dry off the camera that won't do anything like turn on or show any sign of life while Abs asks a million questions about cameras and water. 2 minutes into the drying affair the phone rings and i hear on the machine the words- pump pressure zero, no water, and plumbers. Yeah, so our rental house appears to have no water and has been that way all day but didn't inform us until 5pm after hours really expensive plumbing time. GREAT... Turned out to be a pretty expensive 10 minutes. P.S. we next learn that there is also no hot water going out to Kali's house, that too, is frozen. So the next hour fires are built, plumbers called, talk of heaters and continued cold weather, dinner made. So we're all low on patience and Abs at the dinner table is happy as a lark, happy being wild and this momma seriously feels like growling. I try to calmly explain, could she just chill out for 5 min., that all this stuff has just happened and we all have no patience. As life usually does, it gets better. The rest of the night goes ok. Calls from good buddies, kisses on the forehead, reading the polar express all cozy in bed, and finally a bath, lots of deep breathing and a new book, the Life of Pi by Yann Martel. Such a roller coaster sometimes.

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