Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I love how cold it is in the mornings now, that you have to wear long sleeves.
I love it that the leaves on the way down the hill on Washington Harbor are starting to fall- it is so beautiful to drive under.
I love it that I got to take a walk today, the sun and rain hitting me at the same time.
I love it that one of my dearest friends had great news this last week, that a spot in her breast meant nothing.
I love it that I haven't had labs drawn for 1 year and that Monday's results were normal.
I can feel the sun slipping away here at this house, THAT i do not love.
Its getting harder to find time to walk or run as the days are getting shorter- maybe time for a used treadmill in the garage?
Its crap that at the MD office I weighed 12 lbs more than last Feb. when I was there. Joe just laughed when I told him, said it didn't seem like it and that he thought maybe it was just muscle from running. I love you Joe.
I love it that the house is all quiet right now, some music playing and incense.
I feel really lucky.


Seattlemom said...

YOu look healthy and beautiful...and you ARE healthy and beautiful and nothing else matters. Really.

Mark, Jessica, Jakob, Sarah and Roxy said...

I second your friend's comment! You are healthy and beautiful and have an amazing family and husband - that's all that matters! Well, and you have some great friends too!!
Miss you!

kristy said...

you are the best :)

Us 4 said...

I love... YOU!!! I love the way you state your observations; simply, yet emotional/heartfelt. The type that many do not realize they are taking in.