Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Maybe what I want to do and what I can do aren't really as close as I imagine.
Maybe trying to work at the hospital, for my parents, do some fun stuff with us as a family, seeing my buddies, trying to have a clean house, knit a scarf, read, run, the never ending charting.....
Maybe it is too much?
Today felt schizophrenic at best, too many plates in the air, splitting myself, doing lots but absolutely nothing well.
But what to stop doing? that is the question.
Ahhh, what I want and what it possible.
Maybe it will seem better in the morning.


Seattlemom said...

You will figure it out. You always do. Love all the E Veder on your playlist. You know he lived (s) in West Seattle and was known to hang out at Luna Cafe and I always dreamed of hearing his voice at the next table while we were eating brunch. Of course I would have jumped over the booth and made a fool of myself...but thats ok right??
Love you girlie,

Us 4 said...

I vote to keep the running plate in the air.

kristy said...

I think you are doing it all well. If you were to give up anything, it should be worrying.
However what fun would that be?
You are doing things great! xo