Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So today was pretty productive for me, which growing up as a "Smith" feels good.

The horses have cleaner stalls and trimmed feet.

A cord of wood in the driveway.

The stack of charting slightly smaller.

Lunch and an awards ceremony in PA for work- an award for Public Health Heroes- New family services.

I got to spend an hour at Abs school with her after a hard morning of her not wanting to go. " But momma, can you just cancel all the things you have to do today and stay here with me?"

I got rolled and proceeded to fall out of a huge plastic culvert.

On my run I saw a herd of elk, probably 200 geese, a hawk, tons of birds, 15 deer, and Port Williams beach.

I also came home from running to find Abby still stacking wood with her Papa- super excited to show me all the kindling she stacked after an hour of work- Go Girl!

And ended up the day sitting on the floor cutting out Campbell soup labels for Abs school, as I am the coordinator for the year. :) The Campbell Soup Girl. Who Knew?

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