Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Visiting, Horses, and School

The Prock boys checking out the cows. We had such a good visit- so glad you made the trek!

Wow, it is still really hard to get a picture of all three kids actually looking at the camera. Oh well.

First Day of Kindergarten, our sweetie girl. She is loving it by the way!

Amazing how things work.... 1 week earlier.....
Abs: momma, i wish i could have a black horse with a really smooth coat.
Mom: Maybe someday Abby.
The next week Ben proceeds to get his horse back from a friend who was keeping her and asks us if she can be in the field with Sage to keep her company.
Wow, a black horse with a smooth coat. Her name is Willow.
Abs: Momma, can i just pretend she's mine?

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courtney smith said...

Oh My GOSH. The picture of Abby in Purple and backpack straps- I instantly started BAWLING! Granted I am a lil emotional, but WHEN the HOLY Crap did she get so grown up?!?! I can't handle it, Wen. When did our girls turn from toddlers into Girls??? Oh man this is too much. What a beautiful pair they've turned out to be though, huh? Love you bunches.