Monday, September 22, 2008

About Today

- Joe got to take Abby to school today- the first time in a LONG time. She wanted him to stay all day with her.

- I got to sit and have coffee outside in the sunshine talking about our school, our kids, marriage, life, love and about being women.

- I got to be home in the daytime with Joe, alone in our house.

- Went shopping and had lunch just Joe and I on a monday, total treat and time out from the norm, talked about life going so fast and a mention of moving to the cook islands. Did you know you can't buy land on the cook islands, you can buy a lease that lasts for 60 yrs but only if you are native cook islander, have legal residency, or are buying or starting a business. hmmmm....

-Finished a book that made me cry.

-Took a nap in the middle of the day with the sun out (definately still feeling sick if i'm doing that) it felt really good.

-The house smells like ginger, nutmeg and warm carrot soup.

-A walk in the fall air tonight after dinner, just me and Blue.
-Abby asleep, some knitting and Good Earth Tea.

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